Thursday, July 2, 2009

More on Mission in Guatemala

Today, members of the mission team from Calvary Baptist Church, Clearwater, Florida visited a neighborhood in the poorest part of Guatemala City. We are in anticipation of Judgement House tonight because almost the entire neighborhood has been invited and we are expecting three bus loads of people from the neighborhood. This is an area of the city that Shalom Baptist Church is reaching with the Gospel of Christ.

Over 100 people in 2 nights of Judgement House have made first time decisions for Christ. There are 2 more nights to go and we are all very excited about how God is using our mission team and Judgement House. Shalom is planning on presenting Judgement House again in November and we have handed the torch over to them and they are doing a marvelous job.

Patti and Jim Feldman, the Guatemala mission team leaders, have met with Pastor Cruz from Zacapa, and plans are in place for the August and November mission teams. Future mission teams will be focused in Zacapa, a small city a few hours from Guatemala City.

Prayer-Please pray for the many gang members who come through Judgement House. When they make a decision for Christ, as glorious as that is, their life is then in danger because their changed lifestyle is not tolerated by their fellow gang members.